Finally amount to a legitimate smiling picture.Thank you Kaylee!

18 years finally amount to a legitimate smiling picture.
Thank you Kaylee!

Hi! I’m Grace Sun, a student at the University of Michigan. This is a blog dedicated to my Writing100 class of the Fall 2012 semester. You’ll find my five major papers along with the little pieces that helped along the way. These papers start off with an interview about my writing skills. Afterwards, my stated skills are put to the test in writing a chain of three papers concerning an environmental controversy. To tie the semester off in a circle, I end with a reflection upon my writing experiences in this class. Hopefully, in reading these assignments, you can see my usual jumble of thoughts being organized into a coherent flow of words. To see these papers, hover over one of the tabs at the top of the page and click the assignment of your choice. Papers 1 and 5 are found under “Personally” and Papers 2-4 are found under “Environmentally”.

Sometimes, my writing tends to stray towards my actual voice in real life. This may be the most prevalent in my first paper where some sentences stray towards sarcasm or just a bit of uncontainable love for my friend. Then the formal tone clicks in for the next three papers and stays consistent. All in all, I feel as if these paper give insight into my own personality… that could be good or bad thing.

Outside of class, I’m a biochemistry major-hopeful with a rather nerdy, intense interest in (epi)genetics. Like my variety of writing voices, I’m all over the place in things I like to do, such as: drawing, video editing, writing stories, sprinting, hip hop, etc. Multiple personalities? Quite possibly.

Regardless of my quirks, I hope you enjoy my writing!


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