University Resource 1: rXn

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A picture at the AAA Holiday party after our Inspired show found here

A picture at the AAA Holiday party after our Inspired show found here

rXn: A New Family

            In just the five weeks of practicing and dancing with rXn, the hip hop and traditional Chinese dance group of the Chinese Student Association, I am reminded of my old high school dance group: APEX. Both of these dance groups offered me a place to be myself, a place to belong, and a place to have fun while releasing excess energy.

In the first week, practice seemed a little awkward since it was the first one and everyone was new. Fortunately for me, I made a close friend that I could relate to and be comfortable with. The following weeks escalated in fun with learning new dances and becoming friends with more members of the group. By now, people have started to warm up to each other, conversations and laughter flow among the members, the group starts to feel like family, and I can definitely say that going to any rXn practice is the highlight of my week, regardless how long the practice is.

As making friends is part of the club that makes me feel like part of a family, being able to dance without restraint among the members has given me more confidence in myself. I remember first joining APEX Hip Hop in high school and being extremely awkward and uncomfortable with dancing so openly, but now it was so much easier to learn dances and get lost in them. This ability has really boosted my self-esteem and my overall happiness. Instead of learning the dances as a chore for performances, I have fun with the routine and it ultimately makes the choreography look better. With the other members, silly names have been assigned to certain dance moves to improve the memorization of the whole dance. While passerby individuals may shoot rXn weird looks, we could care less.


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