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AAA Logo

AAA Logo

Asian American Association (AAA): Families and Dinner

            As first semester draws to a close, I realize that one of the clubs I was most enthusiastic about was one I haven’t been participating in very much. However, the times I did join in their activities, I’ve had tons of fun. In the very beginning, the whole group was separated into smaller ones that are dubbed as “families”. The board members are the “mommies” and “daddies” while the previous years’ “mommies” and “daddies” become “grandpas” and “grandmas”. The idea really appealed to me because it’s exactly what I wanted—a family away from home.

My family has met twice for dinner, one at Mia Za’s, the other a handcrafted dinner of sushi. I find that I liked Sushi Night better because we all huddled in the grandpa’s apartment while mommy taught us how to make sushi. It was a little awkward at first because not everyone had known each other’s names, but by the end of successful and failed sushi, the family members have warmed up to each other. It seemed a bit inevitable as family members shared two pairs of baggy, sweaty, plastic gloves secured by hair-ties to keep the food clean.

Making sushi wasn’t as difficult as the mommy had made it out to be, but once the rice spreading and rolling started, things started falling apart, literally. Some of the family members had aesthetically pleasing looking sushi, while others had whole pieces of avocado sticking out or pieces of cucumber that escaped and simply rested on top of the roll. Regardless of shape, the family finished off all the sushi and played video games afterwards.

Though I may not be able to participate as much as I like in AAA events, I enjoy every single one I can attend. I’ve always felt that the best friendships always start off awkwardly so any future awkwardness may be avoided. For next year, I would definitely stay in this club.


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