University Resource 3: Sweetland Peer Tutoring

Sweetland Peer Tutoring

            I visited the Sweetland Peer Tutoring center for help on a thesis I needed to develop for my Women Studies course. I had trouble organizing my thoughts coherently to present an argument in my thesis. Seeing that the due date was nearing, I headed over to the workshop for walk-in help. I signed in and talked to one of the helpers there.

While I wasn’t as coherent as I wanted to be, the peer tutor let me speak out about everything I know and what connections I had made so far. Afterwards, he summarized what I told him and started gathering information to form an argument in a certain direction. While he agreed that my specific assignment was hard, he helped me shape my scattered ideas into something more structured. He offered ideas of what could work and what might not be relevant. He also brought up points I hadn’t even thought about and recommended other tactics to use within my thesis.

After I left, I definitely had a better sense of what I could write about and formed a better thesis than I had previously. However, I went into class the next day and my thesis was torn apart and reconstructed. After leaving my discussion class, I had a solid thesis and outline that I could write my final paper with. Even though this happened, the visit to the peer tutoring center helped me focus on the specific advertisement I ended up choosing for my paper. After going through a revision of how to organize my thoughts with a coherent flow and direction for an argument, reconstructing my thesis from scratch within my women studies discussion was a lot easier after my GSI gave me tips.

Although I ended up not using the thesis the peer tutor helped me form, going to the workshop beforehand helped make the process of making a better thesis. The trip also gave me a sense of organization and I used relatively the same organization I developed in the workshop. If I ever have difficulty with forming thoughts together, I would most likely visit this resource again.


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