University Resource 4: Math Lab

Math Lab

            I had recently gotten my second midterm back in Math 215 and was extremely disappointed in my score. I had come out of the exam room, confident that I did better than the first exam. I looked over the points I had lost and saw that most points lost were on problems I didn’t understand. I looked them over with a friend and she said she couldn’t explain them clearly so I headed over to the Math Lab because my professor’s office hours were during another class of mine. I went to East Hall, signed in, and sat down, waiting for another Math 215 professor to come to the lab.

I had previously gotten help from this professor during office hours and he was extremely helpful in answering my questions. I showed him my test and asked him the questions I had. He patiently listened and answered them, even if the questions turned out be a result of silly mistakes or a simple connection I had missed. With the amount of points I lost and the amount of questions I asked, the professor had answered all of them within half an hour. I thanked him and left with a clear understanding of why I got points off and my silly mistakes.

While I had help from this professor previously, I also liked the atmosphere of the Math Lab. There were tables there to just work even if you didn’t need help from a professor or GSI. While I was waiting for the professor to arrive, I sat at an empty table and looked at my other math assignments. Just within the environment, I felt like I could power through a lot of my work with little distractions. If I don’t go to the Math Lab for help, I will probably go there in the future just to do homework because of the atmosphere.


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